Myths about Brand Innovation

Every business owner dreams of growing their business. And that means building your brand to be bigger and better than it ever was.

There’s just one problem: many companies don’t know how to start re-branding themselves. And even if they try to find out, they are surrounded by branding myths that have no basis in reality.

Before you worry, though, consider our comprehensive guide to branding myths and the truth behind brand innovation and growing your business.

  1. Branding Is Limited to Marketing

If we’re going to dish about branding myths, then we might as well start with the biggest one. And by far, the biggest myth about branding is that it’s limited to your marketing.

The danger of this mentality is that companies think re-branding efforts should solely be the responsibility of one individual or a single team. In reality, your brand is synonymous with your reputation, and that means it can be shaped by anyone who interacts with customers.

When beginning your own re-branding efforts, keep in mind that it’s a group effort in the most literal sense of the term!

  1. Branding Is Sales Focused

Another big branding myth is quite straightforward. Specifically, many companies assume that branding must be sales focused.

In many ways, this is putting the cart before the horse. Does better branding lead to better sales? Yes! But does that mean better branding focuses solely on sales? Absolutely not!

Nowadays, the best brands don’t focus on how to sell to customers but instead on how to win them over. Imagine your brand is like a product: how can you get more people to talk about you? What are the secrets of generating good buzz?

Long story short, if you focus on creating a community instead of selling to strangers, your brand will grow by leaps and bounds.

  1. Branding Comes from the Top

The next myth often comes from a well-intentioned place. What is this myth? It’s that brand innovation has to come from the top.

Think of this myth like auteur theory for brands: people equate successful companies like Apple and Amazon with founding figures like Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos.

But the best branding opportunities come from the people who interact with your customers the most. Creating things like online communities via social media can naturally build the brand by building relationships with customers.

It doesn’t take a CEO to generate and execute ideas worthy of executive pay!

  1. Brands Are Limited to Logos

The last myth is a very pervasive one. Many companies think that branding is primarily a matter of logos. Accordingly, they think changing their logo qualifies as a genuine re-branding effort.

However, this is a myth that could be dispelled by a college freshman. The logo is a symbol, but symbols are only meaningful because of what they signify.

What does this mean? Changing your logo or making other superficial changes is only going to yield superficial results. Instead, think of your logo as one of many interlocking parts: you won’t have a successful brand until your logos, marketing, customer service, and killer content are all working towards a unified goal.

Myths About Brand Innovation: Final Thoughts

Building or rebuilding a brand is not going to be easy. Unfortunately, all of these myths try to make it sound like you are just one or two steps from an entirely new company.

Now, you know the truth about brand innovation. And while it is a long road towards creating a new brand, this guide can help you take those first important steps on your journey.


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