How to Whip Up Essays Like a Pro

If you are in school or university, there is a chance you may be required to draft an essay or two. Writing an essay can be tedious and time-consuming especially if you don’t know how to go about it.

Not everyone is born a good writer but with time and continuous practice, this is a definitely a skill that can be honed.

In order to create essays like a pro, you need to start with an outline. Here, you have to jot down all the important points, plan the order in which your thoughts/ideas will flow and what you will include in the essay.

Once you have the outline written, you are ready to start writing your essay. Follow these crucial steps to ensure you have a concise and succinct piece.

Know your topic: This is vital to writing that perfect essay. Make sure you know exactly what the topic is about and do your research for information to include.

Think about the aim or purpose of the essay: Before you put pen to paper or start typing, keep the purpose of the essay in mind. Whether its to help the local community learn about the benefits of recycling or to teach adults the key to work-life balance, ensure you are targeting the right set of people in your essay and wording the message clearly.

Use your outline: Your outline is like a guide. If it’s a well-made one then it will serve its purpose and help you draft a clear and concise essay ensuring all the key points are included and it flows well.

Keep your writing simple: You might think using big words and complex jargon can make your essay read better but the opposite is in fact true. Keeping your writing simple will make life easier for everyone. And your work will read and sound better too.

Use proper citations: When you write an essay, you often have to include facts, statistics, and opinions of other experts so it’s important that you cite these inclusions properly in order to lend your essay some authority. And to avoid losing marks on incorrect citations.

Proofread your work: Even if you think your work looks good, you may be able to find lots of mistakes and refine it to read even better. Remember, first drafts are rarely perfect and it may take you many revisions before you finally have that flawless essay.

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