4 Ways to Build Relationships with Customers

“Ask your customers to be part of the solution, and don’t view them as part of the problem.”

Alan Weiss, Author “Million Dollar Consulting”

Relationships are important. Whether in business or in real life. Building lasting relationships in the business world can, in turn, bring in more customers, referrals and boost your overall income.

In order to have a successful business, you need to build a solid foundation and keep the relationship strong even after your sale is over.

Here are 4 ways to establish strong bonds with your clients.


The key to any healthy and successful relationship is communication. Don’t just talk about your business and have a one-way conversation. Engage with the other person and get to know them and his or her problem. Show them that your product or service is the answer and try to convince them of this without being too pushy. Communication is also important in the workplace. Engage with staff and employees in a healthy way. Encourage them to come to you if they have any issues and try to resolve any issues with a good talk. This ensures everyone has a positive attitude and is focused towards their goal.

Go above expectations

Clients love it when they get more than expected. Whether you sell a product or a service, your customer expects nothing but the best from you. And you should aim to go above and beyond what is expected. For example, tell your customer you will design their poster by the end of next week but have it ready a few days before. Not only will this please the customer but it might even encourage him/her to come back to you for future projects.

Feedback Matters

Feedback, testimonials, reviews; whatever you want to call it- it’s important. Customer feedback is vital to business growth. Whether it’s positive or negative it’s important that you listen and take note. Feedback from customers can help you identify an issue within your business and can help you make changes. Take the time to read and respond to feedback individually.

Foster Strong Connections

Humans are social beings and therefore we all need to form strong and healthy relationships in order to survive. In the Business world, this is even more important. It’s a lot easier to connect and form relationships now more than ever. With the popularity of social media and various chatting tools, you can reach a person on the other side of the world within minutes. Set up a social media page for your business and link it to your website. Depending on what you are selling, have a blog or a portfolio to engage with your clients. Ensure you have a strong online presence.



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